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Here you will be able to find help regarding how you can replace various spare parts in a pellet stove. We have developed these videos to show you how easily and quickly it can be done. There can be some diversity between different pellet stoves, but generally replacing spare parts is the same process with every pellet stove. All advice and instructions are to be applied at your own risk - Team Spareparts ApS holds no responsibility for any problems that may occur under repair. In a case of doubt, we recommend that you contact a licensed electrician, plumber or manufacturer of the specific brand of item, you have questions about. NOTE! Always remember to unplug the socket before starting work on the pellet stove. Simply turning off the switch is NOT enough.

How to change your igniter in your pellet stove

How to change your auger/gear motor in your pellet stove

How to change your smoke extractor in your pellet stove

How to change your Ventilator/Convection Fan in your pellet stove