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Gear motor / Auger motor for CALIMAX / WESTFEUER pellet stoves

We can offer the best Gearmotors for Calimax / Westfeur Pellet Stoves - durable and quiet - from the 3 leading manufacturers.
This ensures you a good and stable operation for many years to come.
Find the right speed on your old gear. It says RPM and a number. This is the speed you need to order to ensure that the gear unit drives in the right amount of pellets.
  • Gear motor/Auger motor for Calimax pellet stove
    The picture can vary from model to model
    for model:

    • Auris
    • Belina
    • Cherokee
    • Navajo aqua
    • Popers
    • Pueblo
    • Pueblo Aqua
    • Sandor
    • Solida
    • Stilo
    • Twist 12
    • Twist 6
    • Twist 80/20
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    149,00 EUR
    In stock
    Delivery 2-5 Weekdays