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Gear motor / Auger motor for Kalor pellet stoves

We can offer the best gear motors for Kalor Pellet Stoves - durable and quiet - from the 3 leading manufacturers.
This ensures you a good and stable operation for many years to come.
Find the right speed on your old gear. It says RPM and a number. It is this speed that you need to order for to ensure that the gear drive in the right amount of pellets.
NOTE:! Old ovens from before 2001 which have a white propeller on the gear motor MUST use the * old model *.***

ExtraFlame gear motor for pellet stove

A gear motor is an important component of a pellet stove, as it drives the pellet feed system that delivers fuel to the stove's combustion chamber. Kalor is a well-known brand of pellet stoves, and replacement gear motors for Kalor pellet stoves are readily available from a variety of online retailers and home improvement stores.

When purchasing a replacement gear motor for your Kalor pellet stove, it's important to ensure that the motor is compatible with your specific model of stove. The model number and serial number of your stove should be located on a label on the back or side of the stove. You can use these numbers to search for the correct replacement gear motor, or consult with a qualified technician for assistance.

Replacement of gear-engine for pellet stove

Once you have the replacement gear motor, you will need to remove the old motor from the pellet stove and install the new one. This may involve removing screws or bolts that secure the motor in place, as well as disconnecting wiring and electrical connections. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and take proper safety precautions when working with electricity or mechanical components.

If you're not comfortable performing this type of repair yourself, it's best to hire a qualified technician to ensure that the replacement gear motor is installed correctly and safely.

Video guide: How to replace gear motor - Pellet stove

Replacing a gear motor on a pellet stove can be a complex task and may vary depending on the specific make and model of the stove. However, the following general steps may be helpful as a guide and our video guide:

  1. Turn off the power to the pellet stove and unplug it from the wall to avoid any electrical hazards.

  2. Remove the access panel covering the pellet feed system on the stove. This panel is typically located on the back or side of the stove.

  3. Locate the gear motor. This may be attached to the pellet feed system with screws or bolts.

  4. Disconnect the wires that connect the gear motor to the stove's electrical system. Make a note of which wires connect where so that you can reconnect them correctly later.

  5. Remove the old gear motor from the pellet feed system. This may require removing additional screws or bolts that secure it in place.

  6. Install the new gear motor by reversing the steps above. Be sure to connect the wires to the correct terminals on the new motor.

  7. Test the new gear motor to make sure it is working properly.

It's important to note that if you're not comfortable working with electricity or mechanical components, it's best to hire a qualified technician to perform this task for you. Also, be sure to consult the manufacturer's documentation for specific instructions and safety precautions before attempting any repairs.

  • Gear motor / Auger motor for Kalor pellet stove
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