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Gear motor

Pellet stove auger motor specialists

We have all types of gear motors - auger motors on stock for more than 35 pellet stove brands.
The auger motors varies from model to model. The difference is how fast they have to run per lap.

You can order the correct gear motor for your pellet stove brand on our webshop. On the back of your pellet stove you will find a sticker with information showing the exact pellet stove model and type details, which makes it easy to order the right spare part on the webshop. 
Typically a sticker is placed on the gear motor - auger motor as well, making it easier to compare and buy the right part.


Most of our gear motors are from one of the world's leading manufacturers. It is vital that our engines and gear motors remain reliable, consistent and accurate throughout their working lives.
We can also supply gear motor / auger motor for brands such as: Calux, Cadel, Ecofire, Jøtul, Kmp and Rika etc.***

Replacing a gear motor in the pellet stove

Replacing a gear motor on a pellet stove is a easy. Watch our Youtube tutorial, which is a step by step video guide on how to replace the gear motor on your pellet stove. The video is free and will guide you through the process when you prefer. The video will also show you which tools to use during the replacement of the auger motor. 

Quality gear motors for pellet stoves

We deliver gear motors for more than 35 brands. Some of our most popular brands are Calimax, Cadel, Extraflame, Jøtul, MCZ and RED. See more brands on our webshop.

Our range includes gear motors with a round motor and a core engine. The gear motor shaft is either 8,5 mm or 9,5 mm.
Also, we offer gear motors with a hole, without a shaft.

Most pellet stove gear motors rotates clockwise.
Some gear motor rotates counterclockwise. Often a sticker will be placed on the gear motor and numbers will appear. Most likely, this indicates, that the gear motor is turning counterclockwise.

Some gear motors includes a encoder. This is vary practical as for several reasons, as this enables counting the number of rotations at the same time as it works regularly. Normally it works in an interval. Also this reduces the indoors noice level.

A gear motor is a type of motor that is commonly used in pellet stoves to drive the auger, which feeds the pellets into the combustion chamber. The gear motor is typically designed to be slow and high torque, which makes it ideal for the purpose of turning the auger.

Pellet stoves use small pellets made from wood, sawdust, and other biomass materials as fuel. These pellets are stored in a hopper, and the gear motor is responsible for moving the pellets from the hopper to the combustion chamber. The gear motor is connected to the auger, which is a long, screw-like device that rotates and moves the pellets forward.

When selecting a gear motor for a pellet stove, it's important to consider factors such as the size and weight of the pellets, the required speed and torque of the auger, and the power requirements of the motor. It's also important to choose a high-quality, reliable motor that is designed specifically for use in pellet stoves, as this will ensure that the stove operates safely and efficiently.

Fast delivery 

If you order spare parts from the Webshop before 15.00 CET we will ship the parcel the same day. Often our costumers need the spare part fast, as they are without heating in the house or summer house. Therefore we strive for delivery within 2-5 days. All parcels includes track and trace details easy for costumers to follow the parcel route. 
If you have any additional questions when buying the spare part or when installing the gear motor, you are always welcome to mail our Customer Service department. 
More shipping details can be found in the terms and conditions on our website.