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Flue gas motor/exhaust blower for Artel pellet stoves

We sell quality smoke extractors / flue gas engines from the 3 largest manufacturers in the area, so you are guaranteed a good quality smoke engine for your Artel pellet stove.

Also remember to order the gasket when you need to change the smoke extractor and remember to check how many revolutions your old smoke extractor ran with. It typically says on the type mark somewhere on the flue gas engine. You can possibly take a picture and send it to us and we will find the right flue gas engine for your Artel pellet stove.

If you need a collector / adapter to be able to collect wires, write or call and you will get help. If you are unsure about changing a smoke engine, get help from a professional.

Buys large directly from the manufacturer and can therefore be sold with PRICE GATRANTI delivered FREE to your nearest post office.