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Team Spareparts Group Aps
We have more than 20 years of experience in the sale and repair of many different wood stoves. We have, if anyone, a great deal of insight into what wears out and what breaks in a pellet stove. Over time, we have carried out repairs and service on most brands on the market, so we have unique knowledge which means that we are now the first to offer wearing parts/spare parts for the vast majority of pellet stoves, and we know . experience that most customers can easily replace most of the basic wearing parts in a pellet stove themselves.

Here is a link to: Why my pellet stove dosent work ?
Here is link / video guides of: How to fix your pellet stove

Central warehouse & distribution

  • We are exclusively a Webshop with direct delivery from a large central warehouse in Juelsminde. We deliver thousands of packages to customers every year.
  • All shipments with Track & Trace, for easy tracking of where your package is.
  • We stock all our spare parts for pellet stoves and are competitive on all products.

Team Spareparts Group ApS is a joint project founded by Erling Friis from EC Trade and Lars Sørensen from Greenflame ApS, where we together have 20 years of experience in importing/selling and repairing/servicing wood pellet stoves, starting back in 1998.

 We have a great insight into what commonly gets worn out and breaks in a pellet stove.

 We have over the years made repairs on most pellet stove brands that are currently on the market, and therefore have a unique knowledge that we can use, as the first, to offer spare parts for the vast majority of pellet stoves. We also know from experience, that most customers can easily replace most basic spare parts that are used in a pellet stove. Therefore we have established Team Spareparts Group ApS Webshop, where current and new customers can shop 24/7. Due to our fast shipping, customers can get their pellet stove back into operation quickly, along with the help of our online available videos, where we show you how you can replace your spare parts on your pellet stove.  

Due to us buying large quantities of products, we can buy most spare parts directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, we can offer really good prices for our online customers.

Company information:

Team Spareparts Group ApS
Klejsgaardvej 19A
7130 Juelsminde 
Phone: 0045- 71 99 55 10
VAT/CVR: DK-35862803
Mail: info@pelletstoveparts.eu