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Igniter / Cartridge Heater for Austropell pellet stoves

We can supply original glow plug-lighters-heating cartridges for your Austropell pellet stove from Europe's largest manufacturer specializing in pellet stoves and pellet stoves. It ensures you the best product on the market with PRICE GUARANTEE.
If you are in doubt about which one fits your oven, measure the diameter and length of your old glow plug. Send if necessary. a photo, then we can help you with the order, so you get the right thing, as a starting point, all glow plugs are delivered without plugs, so check if you need to order a joint sleeve.***

ExtraFlame Pelletstove supplier

If you are looking for a supplier of Austropell igniters, you can try contacting Austropell directly or their authorized dealers and distributors. They should be able to provide you with information on where to purchase the igniters.

You can find a list of authorized Austropell dealers and distributors on their official website. You can also search for local dealers and distributors using online directories or by contacting a heating equipment supplier in your area.

Pellet stove - ExtraFlame igniter

Additionally, you can search for Austropell igniters. However, it is important to ensure that the seller is reputable and that the igniter is compatible with your specific Austropell pellet stove model.

When purchasing an igniter for your Austropell pellet stove, it is important to ensure that it is genuine and meets the manufacturer's specifications. Using non-genuine or incompatible parts can cause damage to the stove and may void the warranty.

Installation for igniter to you pellet stove

The igniter is an important component of a pellet stove, as it provides the heat needed to ignite the pellets and start the combustion process. Austropell is a well-known brand of pellet stoves, and replacement igniters for Austropell pellet stoves are readily available from a variety of online retailers and home improvement stores.

To replace the igniter on your Austropell pellet stove, follow these general steps:

  1. Turn off the power to the pellet stove and unplug it from the wall to avoid any electrical hazards.

  2. Locate the igniter on the stove. This may be located on the back or side of the combustion chamber, and may be held in place with screws or clips.

  3. Disconnect the wires that connect the old igniter to the stove's electrical system. Make a note of which wires connect where so that you can reconnect them correctly later.

  4. Remove the old igniter from the stove. This may require removing additional screws or clips that secure it in place.

  5. Install the new igniter by reversing the steps above. Be sure to connect the wires to the correct terminals on the new igniter.

  6. Test the new igniter to make sure it is working properly.

It's important to note that if you're not comfortable working with electricity or mechanical components, it's best to hire a qualified technician to perform this task for you. Also, be sure to consult the manufacturer's documentation for specific instructions and safety precautions before attempting any repairs. Additionally, make sure to purchase the correct replacement igniter that is compatible with your Austropell pellet stove model.
All our igniter for pellet stoves

  • Igniter /Cartridge Heater with thread for Austropell pellet stove
    The picture can vary from model to model
    for model:

    Only from serial number: 18000-04-201 = 140mm

    • 700
    • Eva
    • HR 100
    • HRV120
    • Holly
    • Lisa
    • Lisali
    • Mavi
    • Milena
    • Milena Steel
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    • Olivia Steel
    • RC 120
    • RV 100
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