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Ventilator / Blower for Elledi pellet stoves

Here we offer original fans / blowers for Elledi pellet stoves, which ensure you a very quiet and efficient blower for many years to come.

You can advantageously brush the turbine blades once a year, it will extend the life of your new fan / room fan, which we can sell with PRICE GUARANTEE delivered quickly and with FREE shipping to your nearest post office.

Should you be in doubt whether it is the right fan, feel free to measure your old one and send us a goal and a picture, and we will ensure that you get the right room fan / fan
  • Capacitor 2,5 uF for smoke extractor or centrifugal fan
    The picture can vary from model to model
    Capacitor 2,5 uF for smoke extractor or centrifugal fan

    It fits between the smoke extractor or Centrifugal fan and the circuit board

    It is typically mounted firmly on the pellet stove itself.
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