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Ventilator / Fan

Ventilator for pellet stoves

We have a large selection of ventilators for the most commonly sold pellet stoves. The majority of our blowers are from three of the largest manufactures in Europe. The spare part manufactures have good experience and knowledge in their field and are constantly developing their development process. This is to produce blowers that generate less noise and a longer service life, for the pleasure and benefiting the consumer.
We know it can be difficult to find the right spare parts for your particular type of pellet stove. You are always welcome to contact our Costumer Service. We answer all types of questions, regarding ventilators and other spare parts you need for your pellet stove.***

Quiet ventilators with a long service life

We guarantee to have quiet, long-lifespan products that are available in various shapes and sizes. Furthermore, different mill lengths are also available; the most popular lengths being 24 cm, 27 cm and 30 cm.
The best-selling blowers have a diameter of either 6 cm or 8 cm and the blowers can either have a small, medium, or large nozzle. The blower will provide you with a comfortable warmth in your household, so that is something you do not have to worry about.
The blowers are available in both round and straight forms. A round formed blower is called a centrifugal blower. These are available with a double ventilator - if the motor on your pellet stove is in the middle. A straight blower is called a tangential blower. If you have limited knowledge of spare parts for pellet stoves and, for example, do not know if your pellet stove has a centrifugal or a tangential blower. Maybe you have questions if your blower has a diameter of 6 cm or 8 cm, then do not hesitate to contact os.

Benefits of a pellet stove

What are the benefits of using a pellet stove rather than a regular wood-burning stove?
This is a question we get asked frequently and we will attempt to answer it here: Firstly, a pellet stove is far more healthy and more environmentally friendly than a regular wood-burning stove. A pellet stove produces around 80% fewer particles than a regular wood-burning stove does.
If you, your family, and friends want a better indoor-climate and also want to put less strain on the outdoor climate pollution, then there is no doubt that the pellet stove is the healthiest and most environmentally-friendly choice. In addition to that, the pellet stove is an enormously practical and smart choice as you can individually decide when the stove should be switched on and switched off. Thus, you will avoid coming home from work to an ice-cold house, since you can switch on the stove in advance and therefore preheat your house before you reach your household. Lastly, the pellet stove is the more economy friendly choice, as it is known to be a cost-effective method.

A ventilator, also known as a mechanical ventilator or a respirator, is a medical device that assists patients in breathing by delivering air into and out of their lungs. It is used in cases where a patient is unable to breathe on their own due to illness or injury, such as with respiratory failure, pneumonia, or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

A ventilator works by applying positive pressure to the patient's airway to force air into their lungs. This is done through a tube that is inserted into the patient's mouth, nose, or trachea. The ventilator then delivers a mixture of oxygen and air to the patient, while also removing carbon dioxide from their body.

There are different types of ventilators available, ranging from simple machines that provide basic ventilation support to more advanced models that offer a range of settings to tailor ventilation to a patient's individual needs. Some ventilators can also be used outside of a hospital setting, such as during transportation or in emergency situations.